COMMXPERIENCE 2023 International Conference and Call for Bookchapter Connection, Collaboration, and Cultivation for Sustainable Digital Ecosystems


International Conference and Call for Bookchapter

Connection, Collaboration, and Cultivation for Sustainable Digital Ecosystems

As internet usage and digital technology adoption grow rapidly in Indonesia, there is an urgent need to address associated sustainability challenges around issues like electronic waste, misinformation, and digital divides. Strengthening media literacy will be crucial, especially among youth, to promote critical
evaluation of online information, ethical digital citizenship, and sustainable tech consumption behaviors.
Media literacy education can encourage socially responsible use of social media, teach e-waste recycling practices, and counter misinformation on sustainability issues. Integrating media literacy into Indonesia’s national curriculum, teacher training, and partnering with civil society groups can expand its reach. With strong media literacy, Indonesia’s digitally engaged citizens can make empowered choices to minimize the pitfalls of technology and harness its full potential as a force for sustainable development.

The Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs in Communication Studies organized CommXperience 2023 to accelerate the realization of the SDGs in both the academic and industrial sectors. Carrying the theme “Connection, Collaboration, and Cultivation for Sustainable Digital Ecosystems”, this event will combine perspectives from academic figures, professionals, and activists in a single dialogue space. Participants will gain a deep understanding of how to discuss sustainability issues in an inclusive, ethical, and effective way in the digital age. Moreover, this event also aims to inaugurate the opening of the Master’s Program in Communication Studies at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UPN Veteran East Java, which has a specialty in digital communication research. Additionally, this event will also serve as a discussion forum for participants of the Call for Book Chapter, which will be published nationally and copyrighted.


1. Prof. Rachmah Ida, Phd. (Airlangga University, Indonesia)

2. Samantha Kies-Ryan (Director of Earth Water, Pty Ltd. Rep of Marshall Island)

3. Rini Novitriyanti (Vice President Consumer Sales Java Bali PT. Telkomsel Indonesia)

4. Jati Savitri, Ph.D (Cand) (Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland-UK)

Date : Wednesday, 25th October 2023

Location : Auditorium, 6th floor. Gedung Kuliah Bersama (GKB) UPN Veteran Jatim. . Jalan Raya Rungkut Madya, Surabaya.

Participant/Presenter fee : IDR 250.000

Publication : International and National Book Chapter (Additional Publication Charge)

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Author Guideline :


Abstract Submission 01 October 2023

Notification Acceptance 07 October 2023

Payment Registration 10 October 2023

Fullpaper Submission 20 October 2023

Conference Date 25 October 2023


  • Inclusive Digital Media 1. Exploring perspectives from marginalized communities in sustainability discussions. 2. Promoting accessibility and inclusivity in digital media platforms. 3. Case studies of successful inclusive digital media campaigns.
  • Ethical Journalism and Sustainability 1. Fact-checking and preventing misinformation around sustainability topics. 2. Solutions-focused and constructive journalism approaches.
  • Journalism Ethics in the Digital Era 1. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Communications 2. Integrating sustainability into branding and marketing campaigns.
  • Leveraging Digital Media for CSR Communication 1. Building trust through transparency and ethical communications. 2. Digital activism and civic engagement.
  • Digital Campaign for Sustainability Issues (e.g. climate change, social justice) 1. The role of social media and technology in activism 2. Case studies of impactful digital activism campaigns.
  • Multi-Sector Partnerships for Sustainability 1. Collaboration models between academia, media, government, and NGO’s. 2. Leveraging networks and partnerships for systemic change. 3. Examples of successful cross-sectoral partnerships for sustainability.
  • Localizing the SDGs through Digital Communications 1. Digital strategies for promoting SDGs at the community level. 2. Case studies from Indonesia and beyond. 3. Local content creation and digital storytelling around SDGs.

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